Pastoral care

Across the Benefice we offer Pastoral Care to everyone living in the Parishes. Pastoral care is a service to the community, where we can provide emotional and practical support and bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to come to a Church Service.

There is a Pastoral Carer dedicated to each of our Parishes and can be contacted via your local church warden or by emailing:

Our local church is here to serve the community and Pastoral Care is one of the ways that we do this. If you need a confidential chat or pointing in the right direction to a community service, if you would like home communion or some company then your local Pastoral visitor can provide this for you.

We are not trained councilors, but can provide support by listening to you and are bound by confidentiality. If you think that you or someone you know would benefit from a home visit for a chat or communion then please don’t hesitate to contact us. All the members of the Benefice Pastoral Care Team have completed safeguarding courses and abide by a job description. Please click the following link to see a copy of the Job Description. Pastoral Care Visitor_Job Description


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